DW0242 PowerTool

DW0242 PowerTool Battery

DeWalt Power Tool Battery Compatible with the following models: Dewalt DW004, DW004K, DW004K-2, DW004K2H, DW004K2C, DW005, DW005K-2, DW005K2C, DW005K2H, DW006K, DW006K-2, DW006KH, DW006K2XE, DW007K, DW007C2, DW007K-2, DW007KH, DW007K-XE, DW008K, DW008K-2, DW008K-XE, DW017, DW017K2. Fits with compatible part number: DW0242, DW0240, DE0240, DE0243. Battery Technology: Ni-CD, 24V 2400mAh . 100% OEM...