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Wet Curl Costume

Wet Curl Costume

WET LOOK WIG: long curly hair with a wet appearance. Comes in black or blonde. A great character wig.

Long Wet Look Wig

Long Wet Look Wig Costume

LONG WET LOOK WIG: extremly and wavy wig that comes in black or blonde. Great for men or women. A great hippie, gypsy, 60's or character wig.

Light Me Up Ladybug
Costume Costume

Light Me Up Ladybug Costume Costume

Dreamgirl 2010 costume, Light Me Up Ladybug. Red and black shiny knit dress with polka dots. Layered petticoat skirts have fiber optic lights. Includes wings, antenna headband, and ladybug thigh highs with bow. Comes with batteries.

Wet T-Shirt Winner

Wet T-Shirt Winner Costume

Includes: boobs, t-shirt, & sash One size fits most adults

El Bandido Costume

El Bandido Costume

Costume Includes: "Wet Look" vinyl headpiece and cape. Also includes shirt with red velvet waist sash. *** Was item #11238 ***