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teen vogue magazine teen vogue magazine

Teen Vogue Magazine ? This latest production is from the editors, writers and photographers who put together "big" Vogue, created specifically with teens in mind. Teens love fashion, and since nobody does fashion better than Vogue, it was...

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american cheerleader jr. magazine american cheerleader jr. magazine

American Cheerleader JR (pre-teen)- By the publishers of American Cheerleader you will find that this publication is devoted to pre-teen cheerleaders.

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thrasher magazine thrasher magazine

Thrasher Magazine ? Covering music, skateboarding, and other alternative activities, this colorful guide to teen culture features interviews, profiles, fiction, photos, artwork, contest coverage, insider industry gossip, and fashion tips.

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j-14 magazine j-14 magazine

J-14 Magazine ? The #1 teen celebrity magazine with tons of posters in every issue.

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y.m. magazine y.m. magazine

YM Magazine ? One of the most popular teen magazines, YM Magazine (formerly Young Miss and also Young and Modern) is written especially for women ages 14 to 20. Including articles, features, and interviews about arts and entertainment, celebrities,...

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seventeen magazine seventeen magazine

Seventeen Magazine ? The magazine that pioneered the market for young women, Seventeen Magazine has been in publication since 1944 and is still the world?s most popular magazine for the 12-24 age group. Featuring articles on all the favorite teen...

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freeze magazine freeze magazine

Fun for Kidz ? Fun for Kidz: The magazine for boys and girls ages 5-13 years. Activities and things to do. Arrives on alternate months from Hopscotch and Boys Quest. No advertising & no teen themes.

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children's digest magazine children's digest magazine

Children's Digest ? Articles on sports and sports figures, crafts, games, science, poetry, and humor for the pre-teen, with an emphasis on health, nutrition and safety. Includes Dr. Cory?s health column for kids.

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