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new man magazine new man magazine

New Man Magazine - New Man provides inspiration and advice for the contemporary Christian man. Energetic, engaging articles deal with the substantive issues that men face as they pursue a spiritual life in their marriages, families, workplaces, and...

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amazing spiderman magazine amazing spiderman magazine

Amazing Spider-Man - Bitten by a radioactive spider, high school student Peter Parker gained the proportionate strength and agility of a spider! Follow the adventures of everybody's favorite wall-crawler- The Amazing Spider Man!

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superman-the man of steel magazine superman-the man of steel magazine

Superman-The Man of Steel Magazine - Superman Comic; though genetically an alien conceived on the late planet Krypton, Superman is an American by birth, born in a Kansas corn field. Living by the moral values instilled in him by his Earthly parents,...

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ultimate spiderman magazine ultimate spiderman magazine

Ultimate Spiderman - A retelling of the Spider-Man mythos for today's youth.

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flight journal magazine flight journal magazine

Flight Journal? Flight Journal captures the spirit, drama, and evolution of man's winged adventures. It is devoted to aviation and its diversity.

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captain america magazine captain america magazine

Captain America - Steve Rogers, once a frail young man, volunteered for an experiment that transformed him into one of the world's greatest superheroes-Captain America!

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stuff magazine stuff magazine

Stuff Magazine - Stuff Magazine is brought to you from the publishers of Maxim. The prevailing thought is: "it's a man's world."  You'll get fast cars, great looking girls, wild stories and easy money. After all, you...

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black men magazine black men magazine

Black Men Magazine- If you are an African-American man looking for a magazine that will keep you informed and connected with your community, then take a look at Black Men, a lifestyle magazine for today's African American male. Each issue comes...

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detective comics magazine detective comics magazine

Detective Comics Magazine - In a recent issue Nightwing and Robin take center stage as Gotham must survive the Road to No Man's Land without Batman! A pair of new villains is determined to destroy what's left of Gotham, and it's up to...

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